In-Motions GK45X XGA laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

1. Compared to projectors with ordinary light sources, laser projectors have a wider range of colors, and image display is more realistic.

2. The standard resolution reaches at 1080P, which is better than the traditional educational projector.

3. Fully compatible with current mainstream computers and laptops, bringing stronger visual effects.

4. Optimized cooling system dispense with cooling time;

5. Special air inlet/outlet design enables effective and powerful dispersion of heal even in high altitudes.


Technical Parameters

In-Motions MK-2450 XGA DLP Short Throw Projector

1. Language Selection:
The presentation of information is available in 19 languages.

2. Low Noise:
In eco-mode, the noise level is kept under 29DB. It runs quietly and leaves the presentation undisturbed.


3. Customized Setting:
The Startup picture can be changed into any images you want.

4. Various Display Modes:

  • Multiple picture modes like action, cinema, standard, blackboard, and color mode.
  • Aspect ratio available in both 16:9 and 4:3 to satisfy different kinds of screens.

5. Operating Time check for lamps Filter:
Allows the user to keep track of the lamp and filter usage for better maintenance.

6. Short Throw:
The short-throw projector can show an image of 80° (Diagonal) at a distance of 1m, which allows the audience to enjoy a spectacular projection in a small room.


Technical Parameters

Product Gallery

In-Motions MK-3000 LCD Short Throw Projector

1. In Motion’s Short Throw Projector:
Outputting 100″@1m Short Range Projection Limited Space Lager Screen.

2. Short Focus Lens Equipped for 80″@only 0.75m:
This series projectors are equipped with new generation of short focus lens that allows outputting 80″ at the distance of 0.75m, avoiding the teacher to block the light effectively and presentation smoothly. Larger screen at short distance must be convenient for installationand debugging, scheme design and wiring connection and so on, which make it very flexiblein teaching application.

3. Lamp Lifetime Up to 10000 Hours:
Adopting Philips newest lamp, the lifetime is up to 10000 hours(ECO mode),saving cost greatly and reducing energy consumption while improving image performance and picture quality which can meet the needs of classroom.

4. New IRIS Dynamic Technology Improve Image Contrast:
New IRIS dynamic technology improve image contrast greatly. AWO Projector with a contrast up to 16000:1 takes on purest black perfectly to deliver outstanding picture quality, clear layers and strong visual impact so that the teaching documents or pictures can be output vividly and clearly.

5. Double Password Lock and Anti-theft Function:
With password protection at power on and keyboard or remote locking function, the projector can be prevented from theft or wrong operations, In additional, the projector is equipped with Kensington security slot and anti-theft rod, which can be fastened along by chain to avoid stealing.

6. Highly Efficient Filter Prolonging Projector Life:
High efficiency HEPA ESD filter extends the projector life and guarantees the projector quality. The filter runs automatically from time to time to detect the air-flowing and the projector will suggest the user to clean up if any issues occurred.

7. LAN Control Allows Direct Projector:
Network connector allows user to enjoy high performance pictures without video lines by high-speed transmission between devices.

8. English Remote & Custom Boot Screen:
English remote available provide user easy operation. Meanwhile the projector allow user to set up creative personal boot animation through menu. It’s a good way to manifest unique enterprisevalue or personality.

9. Various Practical Projection Modes:
There are various projection modes available: dynamic, standard, cinema, blackboard, color board, custom and so on. The projector deliver vivid and optimal images no matter in bright environment or on blackboard(green color) and white wall.

Product Gallery

Application Results

In-Motions MK-6000 LCD Andriod HD Projector

Our Advantanges:

1. Portable WIFI Projector, it’s easy to carry away

2. 64G large storage make users to download any aaps or files easily

3. wifi projector can connect to user’s smartphone

4. Simple and flexible humanization design. Super Easy

1. 3LCD Panels Make Gorgeous Color:
Interactive projectors are developed according to customers needs to get people better experience. The projector adopts 3LCD panels to get better color performance, while utilizing infinity lamps to extend the lamp life. It can covert any space into funny zone, getting kids even adults not only playing as an exercise but also a challenge to learn self-coordination and cooperation. SOLO+ interactive projector is a cost-effective choice for its stable performance and easy operation.

2. Worry-Free Long life Lamp Up to 20000 Hours:
Adopting Philips new generation of bulb with a lifetime up to 20000 hours(Eco mode) makes it possible to run the projector freely without lamp lifetime limited, saving cost greatly.

3. Temperature Sensor, High Altitude Mode:
Built-in intelligent temperature sensor adjusts the fan speed automatically according to the surrounding temperature. It can also run normally with its high altitude mode on even if at an altitude of 2000m and higher temperature.

4. Portable Wireless LCD Projector:
This LCD Projector is built with Android system, with 3G +64 storage, users are able to download any files or apps they like, and it can run very fast. It can connect to the wifi directly, no need wires. it’s very space and cost saving.

5. WIFI Projector Can Connect to Smartphone:
This wifi projector can connect to user’s smartphone directly in the same wifi situation. It’s very convenient for any presatation.

Product Gallery

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