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MSHH Asiapac provides a vast range of Interactive products. You get everything you need for interactive projection at one place. Transform your Business with Interactive touch Floors, Digital Walls, Digital Signs, Touch screen game projectors, Interactive Table Games and many more products. 

In Motions Interactive Kit

Our Interactive Kit allows you to retro-fitting in the standard classroom have a broad whiteboard built-up and a ceiling hung projector screen in front. At almost any meeting rooms would have mobile /fixed whiteboard for discussion purpose. Thus our design behind the product is to seamlessly work on existing environment without technical installation.

Our Global first Portable Touch Interactive Kit is easy to use for smart schooling systems, classrooms, institutions, business meetings, or entertainment. Enhanced learning with smart interactivity for classrooms. In-Motions Interactive Kit for standard Video projector empowers collaborative learning with touch annotation and short throw projection based on brilliant laser or light lamp sources.

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Go Touch Kit

Interactive In-motions Go touch Kit makes excellent operating precision and nearly perfect writing track. It is a design to transform superb agility and reliability in interactive writing on all types of projection screens. The software records every interactive pen stroke you write on your board, so you don’t lose any information. Quickly and securely broadcast your whiteboard notes over the internet in realtime to anyone.

Portable interactive Go touch Kit are available for presentations on the move.
Your laptop or desktop computer. Simple and easy installation method. A Portable Interactive Go touch kit makes it easy for the user’s to use and work with it. This interactive teaching system transforms any standard dry wipe whiteboard, flat surface, or wall into an interactive whiteboard. A right plug and play solution!

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Go Touch is currently on a special price for teachers and school during this Covid-19 season.

Multi-Screen Interactive Kit

Interactive Projector screens that give smooth, responsive, and accurate multi-touch. Multiscreen interactivity means that the full image area can still use for interactive features—two monitors for one.

Our Interactive Multi-screen Interactive Kit with ultra-short throw can be mounted inches from the wall directly above the screen, eliminating the distracting shadows and glare for students, teachers, or any users to engage and collaborate freely in front of the laser screen or surface.

It is now possible to project a large screen on flat surfaces indoors with our Multi-Screen Interactive Kit.

Edge Blending Processor – GEO Box (Optional)

In-Motions Interactive Projectors

Our In-Motions Interactive Projectors comes with Two different models.

MODEL #: IM-451X

Model #: IM-452G (Included with 28 Games)

Projecting screens on any flat surface, the In-Motions Interactive Projectors module allows multiple users to share, write, and annotate directly onto a desk or table at the same moment. It enables vast new opportunities for interactivity in the modern digital classroom. In addition to the multi-user capability, our projectors can also use to multi-project at the same time.


– USB cable 1m/7m/10m/20m/USB Repeater
– Light Pen


Touch the wall, Touch the World.
InterPro is a delicate device that can make your projected surface interactive, enjoying a substantial interactive laser screen is not a dream anymore.

  • InterPro, a delicate device that can make the projected screen/display interactive.
  • It works with any projector/display and supports the screen size from 45-100 inches.
  • By high-tech laser, users can enjoy authentic touch experience with their fingertips.
  • What’s more, InterPro embeds whiteboard software, suitable for education, office or home entertainment.

With InterPro, enjoying a large touch screen is not a dream anymore.

Make Your Projected Surface Interactive:


  • Make notes during the presentation.
  • Save the notes anytime.
  • Control the content by fingers or with a pen.
  • Sync with your computer.
  • Driverless function.

Included with Free Flash Online Games

InterPro -S

With InterPro, enjoying a large touch screen is not a dream anymore. The smallest device that will be enough to convert any flat surface into an interactive touch screen. Upgrade the existing projector into an interactive one.


  • User-Friendly.
  • Less time Installation.
  • Easy to calibration.
  • It covers 60″ – 90″ Wide size of wall to showcase laser screen.
  • Use with Finger/Lightpen.
  • Easy to use on any suitable flat surface.
  • For office use, Teaching/classroom use, home entertainment, works exactly like a giant Tablet. Enjoy the light laser touch.

Included with Free Flash Online Games

InterPro Mini

Make Your Projected Surface or Display Interactive!

interpro mini, a delicate device that can make the projected screen/display interactive.It works with any projector/display, and supports the screen size from 45-100 inches.
interpro mini embeds whiteboard software, suitable for education, office or home entertainment.


  • Make notes during the presentation*Save the notes anytime
  • Control the content by interactive pen
  • Sync with your computer
  • Driverless function

InterPro Mini  is currently on a Special Price for teachers and school during this Covid-19 season.


A complete package for remote Teaching

3D Camera In-Motion Astra

A robust and dependable authentic 3D camera with VGA color and upper-level long-scale depth tracking with quality. Astra 3D camera has designed to be highly compatible with Live applications. The Astra 3D Camera has designed to further improve on the attributes that change the present 3D cameras from the market. It includes a 3D microchip and VGA colors.

Astra is a reliable standalone 3D camera that includes the 3D microchip and VGA colors. Developing Astra was mainly proposed to be highly compatible with existing OpenNI applications, and the creation of Astra was to introduce a very high level of 3D cameras market and are ideal for pre-existing apps.


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3D Camera In-Motions Persee

Persee is your handout brain technology. It’s always there for you—connecting the dots, predicting your needs, and keeping your digital life running smoothly.

Persee makes any space smarter. It’s perfect for home surveillance, home assistance, home automation, and TV navigation. And it can be used in countless ways beyond the home.

Persee, a fully functioning computer that is a 3D camera has designed with a powerful ARM processor.Persee is the world’s first 3D camera-computer has designed with a powerful ARM processor. This flexible device can plug into your TV/monitor, or it can run without a display, and you can interact with it totally through the built-in 3D camera.Persee is the ideal for the smart home device, but that’s just the beginning.

3D Camera In-Motions AR

3D Camera In-Motions AR supports multi-touch user interaction, object information with depth, and gesture recognition. It supports the application for multiple scenarios, provides interactive marketing solutions for various significant industries, and tailored software and hardware services for individual needs. In-motions product Interactive Touch Table is an advanced technology and intelligent desktop interactive projection, produced by MSHH Asia Pac Company.


Our Interactive touch projector is mainly for rich educational learnings. It supports many applications and turns any desktop into an AR physical screen platform. Dynamic picture book interaction, content-sharing platform, and multi-player interactive games. It has mainly designed with most innovative, unique, and intelligent functions. AI image recognition function can recognize a variety of books.

WizeFloor Go

Learning through play and physical movement.
WizeFloor GO provides a vast collection of games and activities which are projected onto the floor and made interactive using camera tracking technology. Players use their hands, feets and other physical objects such as bean bags or play cones to play games and complete activities individually or in groups.

See WizeFloor Go in action

The WizeFloor GO is a brand new product which allows you to set up WizeFloor activities at location of your choice. It encourages physical movement, play and collaboration and comes with a wide range of different learning activities.

  • Includes projector, camera and PC in a handy box on wheels.
  • It can be set up with ease and in any room.
  • The projection size can be customised to fit the number of players.
  • Approx. three to four players can use the floor at the same time.
  • If you want to know more about WizeFloor GO please contact us.

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Specialized Projector Lamps

Epson Kit, NEC Kit, Panasonic Kit, Sony Kit, Barco/Christie Kit, Air Filter

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