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MSHH Asiapac provides a vast range of Interactive products. You get everything you need for interactive projection in one place. For the ease of work for our clients, We have created this page where you can find all the guidance for installation processes.

The Installation Guides and Demo of Calibration

Interactive projectors that transform any system screen into an interactive touch screen on any flat surface for all audiences and it can also turn into entertaining themselves. We have many interactive products available on our site and their solutions, videos and images to understand, How they work?
Let’s find out.

Portable Touch Interactive Kit Installation

In-Motions was designed for end users installation. Its built up with eight micro magnets and non slips pad
for easy installation. It doesn’t require Av professional for this purpose.
Ensure that its fully charged before use and the lighting environment is no more than 250 lux.
Just install the portable laser curtain in the middle area above the whiteboard (or flat surface) and put the
signal receiver( Camera Module) on the projector.
Connect your laptop to the projector and install In-motion calibration software.
Turn on the In-motion Portable touch curtain and run Auto calibration.
Once set, you can use your finger to demonstrate your presentation

Multiple Projection Calibration Guidance

Callibration for In-Motions Interactive Kit

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WizeFloor Installation & User Guides

Specialize in providing solutions for various touch products and applications — an extensive range of quality and durable projector interactive kits. Experience the world like never before with our interactive touch products.

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The MSHH Asiapac is a System Integrator company that creates solutions for various touch products and applications.



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